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One hundred and twenty-sixth day of the war: the YEA told about the situation in the regions



The situation in the regions of Ukraine as of the morning of June 29 was announced in the regional state administrations (OGA) and military-civilian administrations (CAA).

The Russians fired eight missiles at Nikolaev: the mayor told details

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Sumy region

During the day, Russian troops fired on the border areas, where the Krasnopolsky community suffered the most. During yesterday’s day, 20 Russian air-to-ground missiles were fired at the community, there were artillery shellings from MLRS, they also fired machine guns and grenades.

Drones were working in the Velikopisarevskaya community, dropping explosives.

Preliminarily for the day of the two dead and three wounded.

The night passed relatively calmly.

Dnipropetrovsk region

In the Kryvyi Rih region, the Russian army fired on two communities from the artillery, which had previously suffered no casualties.

Also, at an earlier shelled transport enterprise, rescuers found the bodies of two dead civilians under the rubble. According to OVA and OGA, the rescue operation has been completed.


During the day, the Russian occupiers fired from MLRS and fired rockets at civilian infrastructure.

In the Shevchenkivskyi district, as a result of an explosion, a house was destroyed, a woman was injured in advance, and she was hospitalized.

A manufactured shop was on fire in the Slobodsky district. The fire continues to be extinguished.

Also during the day, the Russian army fired on the Izyumsky, Chuguevsky and Kharkiv districts.

In Pechenegy, Chuguev district, a boiler house, a hospital, a children’s playground and houses were damaged. For about two hours, the Russians fired on the border village of Ivashka, Zolochevskaya community from artillery and struck from a helicopter.

In the Izyumsky district in Balaklee, the administration was damaged.

As a result of the shelling of the Cirkunovs of the Kharkiv district, two people died and one was wounded.

Luhansk region

The situation in Lisichansk remains tense. In the direction of Volchoyark – Verkhnekamenka, the Russian troops continue the offensive to encircle Lisichansk. Zolotarovka, Volchoyarka and Lisichansk were shelled.

Also yesterday, the occupiers tried to attack in the direction of Sporny, that on the very administrative border of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and near Verkhnekamenka, but they were forced to.

According to OGA and OVA, one person was killed and six were injured.

Donetsk region

Along the entire front line, the Russian army fires small arms, tanks, artillery, mortars, MLRS “Hurricane”, “Grad”.

Shot: Slavyansk (industrial facilities and the housing sector); Bakhmut (highway and housing sector); s.Novoukrainka (residential sector, agricultural company); the village of Paraskovevka (residential sector); s.Alexandro-Kalinovo (mechanized shop).

According to preliminary data, one civilian was killed and eight were injured.

The area remains without gas and partially without water and electricity.

Nikolaev region

In the morning, the occupiers fired rockets, where one rocket hit a multi-storey residential building. According to preliminary data, three civilians were killed and five were injured.

Also, after the shelling in the village of Shevchenkove, an empty grain warehouse caught fire. Later, at 5:30, the Shirokov community was shelled, and the hits were predominantly on the roads of the settlements.

In the Bereznegovatskaya community, shelling continues, the occupiers strike along the line of demarcation in the Bereznegovatskaya community. Information on casualties and injuries is being clarified.

In the Nikolaevsky area there was a fire of fields with a crop.

Kherson region

The situation in the region is tense, especially in the villages of the communities bordering the neighboring regions.

In many settlements, locals talk about the rotation of the Russian army. According to preliminary data, the occupiers plan to settle in the homes of the people who left.

The abduction of people also continues.

Recall, c Belarus has noticed Russian military equipment, which includes SAM S-400 and KAMAZ with missiles.

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