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Great Instagram feature lets you send messages silently without notification



It’s been a big year for Instagram changes and the app has seen loads of new features in 2022.

Most of the changes this year have been with Reels, layouts and feeds after CEO Adam Mosseri revealed that the app is focusing on video content.

Posts began appearing bigger and recommendations were added to the feed in a May 2022 test that left Instagram users outraged.

The latest new feature concerns messaging, but it’s not actually new at all. Here’s what try/silent means on your DMs…

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Samaritan – Official Trailer | Prime Video





Try/silent appears on Instagram messages

This month, lots of Instagram users have grown confused after a new feature appeared on their direct messages.

When trying to send a DM to someone, a message appears inside the box where you type your DM that says: “Try/silent.”

Next to the phrase is a shushing emoji, and lots of people have been taking to Twitter to try and find out what it means.

One person wrote:

Another said:

A third person added:

What try/silent means on Instagram

Try/silent is a feature that lets you send Instagram messages without notifying the other person or people in the group chat.

It used to be called ‘try @silent’ but it seems to have been rebranded and now appears as ‘try/silent’ for many Instagram users.

Both phrases mean the same thing, and whilst the feature actually came out in 2021, it seems to be popping up again in August 2022.

When the try/silent feature is used, your message will be sent as normal but the recipient will not receive a notification to their device.

It’s perfect if your message isn’t urgent and doesn’t need to be seen straight away and means your DM won’t bother someone if they are working or busy.

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How to use the try/silent feature

To send a silent message, all you have to do is type @silent at the beginning of your message. Then, compose your DM as normal.

You can send text, photos, videos, emojis and anything else. Just send your normal message with the @ symbol and the word silent at the front.

It will send as usual but the recipient won’t see be notified on their phone’s home screen. However, the message will be there when they log in and click on the DMs tab.

For some, the feature might seem pointless, but for those with busy schedules it’s genius and avoids unnecessary distractions.

When you’re trying to work and notifications from the group chat keep popping up on your phone, it can be really annoying.

If you ask your friends to use try/silent, you can read the messages in your own time when you get a chance.

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