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Instagram Candid Challenges: Everything About the New Feature



If you are looking for in-depth information about the Instagram candid challenges feature, you are in the right corner. Here in this article, I will share everything about the new feature of Instagram which is called candid challenges.

It is evident from Instagram’s newest feature test that it will continue to imitate its competitors. This time, the social networking platform seems to be targeting BeReal, with a prototype feature that matches the main idea of the newly developed app.

Instagram New Feature – Candid Challenges

Instagram Candid Challenges

The popular social networking app Instagram offers another feature called “Candid Challenges.” The feature, which appears to be an adaptation of the BeReal app, seems to be in preparation and may be included in the app later in the year-end.

The Candid Challenges feature, which is currently unannounced, was discovered by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, recognized for reverse engineering app code, and finding new additions before they are launched. According to sources, an Instagram spokeswoman acknowledged that the function is an ‘internal prototype,’ but no other information was provided.

Instagram Candid Challenges New Feature

Instagram Candid Challenge offers a unique (but not entirely novel) strategy for exposing your daily life on social media. Rather than preferentially selecting their best images and videos to share on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.

Instagram Candid Photo Challenge Feature

The feature will send users a notice at a random time of day, at which point users must share a photo from both their front and rear cameras at the same time, highlighting the feature’s challenge aspect.

These images will subsequently be posted on the users’ Instagram stories. Several publications have compared the unannounced feature to the 2019 selfie app BeReal, which adopted a similar method to photo sharing.

When Instagram will launch the candid challenge feature?

It is presently unknown when or if Instagram will implement the functionality. However, if holding company Meta deems BeReal to be a rival to Instagram, the installation may be delayed.

Instagram Candid Challenges Feature

Similarly, Instagram has just introduced the stories feature to compete with Snapchat and Reels to challenge TikTok. BeReal presently has over a million installations on Android and, according to Engadget, is the #1 free app in the Apple App Store.

According to sources, users will be prompted at a different time each day to shoot and publish a selfie via the Instagram app, which will then be broadcast on their own Instagram stories. To generate anticipation for this new feature, Instagram will offer users only two minutes to post candid photos.

Instagram is copying BeReal

This new function appears to foreshadow another popular app, ‘BeReal.’ This software requires users to post their selfies within two minutes after receiving a reminder from the app at any time of day.

If this new function is implemented, it will make use of the ‘Dual Camera’ option, which allows users to capture movies from both the front and back cameras at the same time. Following the popularity of Instagram reels, this was billed as an attempt by Instagram, a photo-sharing service, to transition into video creation.

When Instagram brings its new update, it tries to do something new every time, and let’s see what the surprise of the new feature contains and what will be the user experience.

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