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iPhone 14 satellite connectivity will help poor network areas



Apple iPhone 14 series may include satellite connectivity, a technology that could revolutionize emergency connectivity during times of need in no network or poor network areas.

Normally, we connect via the cellular network offered by telecom carriers. Still, there are times when there is no connectivity, and we need to make an urgent contact or send a message.

Satellite communication will overcome that difficulty, but we are still unsure about the regulations and laws of the country regarding its usage. Satellite connection may differ from one place to the next.

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According to reports, Apple has completed testing the technology that would allow the iPhone 14 series to have satellite communication. The iPhone 13 also included satellite technology. However, communication was never established due to a lack of a viable business plan. On Friday, satellite communications analyst Tim Ferrar predicted that Apple and Globalstar would release a satellite communications feature for the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 satellite connectivity

Mark Gurman, an Apple expert who has frequently revealed true rumors, has stated that when it is implemented, iPhone users will be able to use satellite connectivity to report emergencies to authorities in areas with no cellular service, as well as send short messages to contacts in the event of an emergency.

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Apple’s iPhone 14 might have satellite connectivity.

A satellite connection is expected with the iPhone 14. iPhones might utilize satellite communication to send and receive brief messages. Bloomberg was the first to report Apple’s initial inquiry into satellite communication technology in 2019. In related news, CAD renderings of the iPhone 14 Pro Max have appeared online, revealing a wealth of information regarding the future iPhone’s design.

The iPhone 14 is expected to include satellite connectivity for emergencies.

The iPhone 14 might use satellite communication to send and receive short messages in areas where cellular coverage is unavailable. Last year, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a similar iPhone 13 release date. Satellite connection may allow iPhones to function without the requirement for 4G or 5G network access, however, only to a limited extent. The next iPhone will not be available for another six months, but information regarding its features and specifications is already spreading.

iPhone 14 Pro Series

What exactly is satellite connectivity?

If users are in distress, they will be able to send emergency text messages and make phone calls thanks to satellite connectivity. It is a wireless internet service delivered by satellites circling the Earth.

It differs from traditional land-based internet services such as cable or DSL. The internet is accessed via communication satellites. It primarily targets wired, fiber, and cable choices unavailable.

T-Mobile and Space X recently announced a partnership to give smartphone connections everywhere in the United States via satellite to cellular service. The beta service will be available in 2023.

Satellite connectivity relies on Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations to work, and it’s unclear if Apple will employ a satellite constellation or launch its satellites. The ability to communicate from no-signal locations may increase the trustworthiness of iPhones during crises. LiDAR sensors are pricey due to their widespread use, yet Apple did not hesitate to include them in the iPhone 12/13 Pro models.