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iPhone dropped in river, turned on after 10 months, photo goes viral



Everyone has different requirements and needs when it comes to buying an iPhone. Everyone’s mindset is also different when it comes to the iPhone. Some like the brand phone because of the camera and some because of the build quality and design. There are very few flaws in the iPhone and it is solid. Apple itself also claims that the phone is made of iPhone Strong Shield which will not break or deteriorate quickly. A recent incident presents an example of the strength and durability of the iPhone.

Lights up after taking it out of the river:

The incident stems from the UK when someone there found an iPhone that had fallen into the river 10 months ago. Amazingly, the phone not only turned on but while charging it also started charging like a normal iPhone. That is, even after being underwater for 10 months, nothing has ruined the phone. It worked like a new iPhone. Everyone was surprised to see this.

The iPhone was discontinued in August 2021

In early June, Briton Miguel Pacheco, while canoeing, found an iPhone that had been thrown into a river by someone in August last year. He didn’t expect the phone to be on, but surprisingly it was working.

After cleaning it also started to load:

To check the performance of the phone, Miguel first used an air compressor to dry it and then charged it, then the smartphone started charging. Miguel learned that the device belonged to Davis.

The photo went viral on social media:

Miguel posted the photo on social media in hopes of finding the owner of the phone. Friends of Davis recognized the iPhone after the photo of the phone was shared more than 4,000 times. The result was that the phone that had been in the river for 10 months was returned to its owner.

It is clear from the photos shared by Miguel that this is the iPhone XR. It comes with an IP67 rating, which can withstand even the depth of water, so this case can be called a big hit.

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