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Jio prepares to start 5G service in 1000 cities, telecom equipment test



Jio 5G Service: Reliance Jio has prepared the start of 5G services in around 1,000 cities. Along with this, the company also tested its homegrown 5G telecommunications equipment. Reliance Industries said in the annual report, “We, the Jio Telecom Unit, have taken several steps to prepare for 5G services with 100% nationwide technology in fiscal year 2021-22.”

The most spectrum in Jio’s bag

Reliance Jio has been at the forefront of 5G spectrum auctions. Out of 1.50 lakh crores, Jio alone bid for 88,078 crores. According to the report, the plan to launch 5G services was based on consumers’ target consumption and revenue potential using heatmaps, 3D maps and ray-tracing technology.

Mukesh Ambani did not take salary even for the second year

Billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani has not taken a salary from his flagship Reliance Industries for the second year in a row. Ambani did not take his salary voluntarily due to the Corona outbreak. Earlier, Ambani had capped the Chairman and Managing Director’s salary at Rs 15 crore from 2008-09. Let us tell you that Mukesh Ambani’s salary was only Rs 15 crore till the year 2019-20. This way, there has been no change in his salary for 11 years.

Jio’s 5G service will be affordable

Jio said 5G service will be provided in the country at the most economical rate from his side. Although the price will be, there is no disclosure about it at this time. Jio will introduce 5G service on a large scale in the country. While Airtel can initially only offer its service in certain cities. It is possible that 5G service will be introduced in the country by October.

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