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Most iPhone users in Delhi also won second hand phone sale: Read this interesting survey



The world is iPhone crazy and there is no doubt that everyone wants to buy an iPhone at one point or another, but do you know which state has the most iPhone fans in India? If not, let us tell you. In fact, a Cashify investigation revealed many interesting facts. According to Cashify’s Whitepaper Survey, iPhone is the most preferred smartphone among Delhiites. According to the survey, 18% of total iPhone users live in Delhi, followed by Bangalore with 11% and Mumbai with 10%. Cashify conducted this survey on a total of 8000 people from different states. The survey also revealed that New Delhi leads the second-hand phone market with 18%, followed by Mumbai and Bangalore with 10% and 9% respectively.

Growing Trend of Refurbished Phones
According to the survey, understanding the positive aspects of buying a refurbished device, 85% of users are willing to do it again. Affordability is a big reason for this as 70% of users bought refurbished phones as they were available to them on a comfortable budget. 12% of respondents bought a refurbished phone as an additional device and 13% bought it as a gift for their loved one.

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Interestingly, 71% of 8,000 users understand the concept of e-waste, but only 48% are aware of the recycling process for their old devices. When asked if they would be interested in recycling their devices, 58% agreed, while 27% of users wanted a monetary benefit in return and only 15% wanted nothing to do with recycling, a other 4 Concerned about % privacy data.

The white paper found that 40% of respondents repaired their phone due to screen issues, 25% due to battery issues, 10% due to camera issues, and 25% due to other phone problems. New Delhi is the city that booked the maximum number of repairs, around 25% of the total repairs.

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The best-selling used phones from these brands
According to the survey, Xiaomi (25%), Apple (16%) and Samsung (15%) are the top 3 brands whose second-hand smartphones were sold by customers. On the other hand, iPhone 7 took first place for buybacks and Redmi Note 5 Pro took second place, followed by Redmi Note 4, Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone X in the top 5.