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Why is image sensor size important in photography? How it works, know everything



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In taking good quality photos, not the megapixels, the sensor has a big role.
In digital cameras, the sensor does the job of recognizing the color of the film/reel and the image.
The sensor picks up the light passing through the lens and the photo is captured

New Delhi. The sensor is the most important electronic part of any camera. It helps collect light to form the final image. This means that the better the camera’s photo sensor, the better the chances of getting a good shot as well. Those who do not know the importance of the sensor think that the more megapixels the camera has, the better the photo will be, but in reality this is not the case, because the quality of the image does not depend on the megapixels, but also on the camera’s image sensor.

Technical expert Rishi Panchal said, “The importance of the sensor in the camera can be understood in such a way that the photo quality of a 64MP mobile camera is no better than a digital cake camera. 24MP. So whose focus was on both devices – not just the sensor. People need to understand that the size of the image sensor is more important in photography. Knowing this, you will understand that when buying of a camera, better to take a full frame camera or crop sensor.

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sensor work in camera
In the past, film was used to take pictures from the cameras on it. Likewise, now digital cameras have arrived, in which film/reel work is censored. Simply put, a camera’s image sensor is that electronic component that collects the light coming from the lens and helps create an image.

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The importance of the image sensor can also be understood in such a way that the sensor does the work of recognizing color and other elements of an image. This means that the larger the sensor, the better the photo will be clicked. You must have heard of CCD in DSLR cameras. A good camera uses 3 CCD image sensors. Nowadays, such sensors are also arriving in smartphone cameras. In which the sensor captures the light passing through the lens and the photo is taken.

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