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1.5 lakh stolen from mobile store in Jalaun: Thieves got away with expensive phone and laptop, smashed the wall and got inside



jalaun11 minutes ago

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Thieves targeted a mobile store in Jalaun last night. After breaking into the wall, they stole mobile phones and other items worth several thousand euros from the store and fled. I learned that in the morning. When the store owner arrived to open the store. Where the senses were blown away after seeing a big hole in the wall and missing items. Immediately informed him to the police. As soon as the information was received, the police attended the scene and began to investigate the matter.

This theft case is from the Atta City Police Department. Here, Laxman Ata, a resident of Sandi village, opens a mobile shop by picking up a rental shop at the bus stop. As usual, he went to his village on Monday evening after closing the shop. As soon as he opened the store’s shutter on Tuesday morning, his senses were blown away. Everything was missing from the store and there was a big hole in the wall.

People crowded into the shop
When the people around heard the news, there were crowds on the spot. Upon receiving the information, Flour Inspector Narendra Pratap Singh Gautam arrived at the scene. Who investigated and took information from the store owner. Laxman said the thieves entered the gallery through the roof and kept 53 touch-tone cell phones, 14 mobile contacts, an ATM micro, a laptop computer, four large speakers, 98 old mobile keyboards, 22 headsets, four data boxes. including cable, 42 DC chargers, 32 such chargers, 17 Samsung batteries, five Airphone boxes, 220 LCD boxes were taken.

Their price would be around 1.5 lakh rupees. The victim has now lodged a complaint at the police station. Which the police are investigating.

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