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Brothers and sisters who go to the Lanka Minar of Jalaun in UP become husband and wife! Recognition lasts for 150 years



Raksha Bandhan 2022, the festival of brother and sister, will be celebrated on Thursday. Today we are going to tell you about a tower in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh where siblings cannot go together. It is said that if siblings go together in this tower, they become husband and wife. The people around believe it too. This tower is in Kalpi, present at the entrance of Bundelkhand in Jalaun district. It is the same Kalpi where Ved Vyas ji wrote the Ramayana. This tower is present in the same Kalpi. Interestingly, this tower is dedicated to Ravana. In this tower, the photos of Ravana and all his family are inscribed on the wall.

According to the information, this tower was built in 1875 by a person named Mathura Prasad. Mathura Prasad was an artist who played Ravana in Ramlila. It is said that Mathura Prasad was so impressed with Ravana’s personality that he decided to build a tower in memory of Ravana. At that time, after about two lakh rupees and 20 years of hard work, this tower was completed. The height of this tower is 120 feet. Another amazing thing is that cement was not used in the making of this tower.

However the belief of the brothers and sisters not going together in this tower is such that it is necessary to climb 172 steps to reach the top of this tower. Climbing these 172 steps, you have to go around the tower seven times. According to the beliefs of the Hindu religion, with whom you take seven turns, you marry. In such a situation, due to the seven circumambulations of the tower, it is believed that siblings do not climb this tower.