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Milk running down the drain including a bicycle in Lalitpur: people got out after hard work, water running down the service road



Lalitpur8 minutes ago

It has been raining intermittently for two days in Lalitpur district. The river drains are in flood due to heavy rain. Due to which it has even become difficult to pass through many roads. Water from the river drain flows on the roads due to rain. At the same time, people are thirsty to get out of the water flowing over the bridge in many places.

Bayana Nala from Lalitpur town sinks on service road at Jhansipura on Jhansi road due to flood. Coming out of the flowing water on the road, the youngster with the bike was swept away by the water. Fortunately, those present caught him. After a while, people also safely pulled out his bike.

Water is flowing down the service road.

Water is flowing down the service road.

A service road was built due to the construction of a bridge

Due to the bridge under construction over Bayana Nala near Mohalla Jhansipura Ambedkar Park located on Jhansi Lalitpur road of Kotwali Sadar region, a service road has been provided near the bridge for vehicles to leave but due to the rain, the service road was made because of the overflow of the drain. Two feet of water flow over it, but people are risking their lives to get out of the bridge.

People pull out the bike that fell into the sewer.

People pull out the bike that fell into the sewer.

People saved the cyclist by running

At one o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, Surendra, a 40-year-old milkman from the Gadhia village of Thana Bar, started trying to get off the bike in the middle of the water running down the drain. When he reached some distance, his bike spun out of control in the water current and he fell and the youngster was swept away with the bike. Somehow people saved him by running. After that his bike could be removed after about half an hour with a lot of effort.

Traffic personnel and home guards are hired to stop people near the bridge. Even after that, people are putting their lives at risk.

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