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Mobile, TV, Ganja, running in Azamgarh prison, jailer and deputy jailer suspended after raid



Lucknow, The Corrections Department on Wednesday suspended Azamgarh’s jailer and three other people accused of laxity. Among those suspended are jailer Ravindra Saroj, deputy jailer Sridhar Yadav and two prison guards Ajay Verma and Ashutosh Singh. Ministerial action has also been taken against the suspended officers. Prison General Manager Anand Kumar said that during the Azamgarh DM Vishal Bhardwaj and SP Anurag Arya raids on July 26, 12 mobile phones, chargers and many incriminating items were recovered from the prison barracks. Another senior official said that when these officers were asked how the prohibited items reached the barracks, they could not answer.

DG Jail Anand Kumar on Wednesday suspended Jailer Ravindra Saroj, Deputy Jailer Sridhar Yadav and two prison guards Ajay Verma and Ashutosh Singh from Azamgarh District Jail. The move was taken after the four were found to be prima facie guilty in the case of recovering mobile phones and other illegal items during the raid by the DM and SSP at the district jail on Tuesday. The DM and SSP along with a large contingent of officers and heavy police forces raided the district jail in the afternoon. The police checked the barracks and the personal belongings of the prisoners under the supervision of the two officers. During the same search operation, a cell phone, charger and narcotics were recovered.

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On Tuesday, senior district officials made a surprise inspection of the barracks. Cell phones, cell phone chargers and narcotics were recovered during the raid. The DM said 12 mobile phones, chargers and numerous incriminating items were recovered from various barracks. Prison officials have been notified and their responsibility will be fixed. In addition to administrative actions, legal actions will also be taken in this regard.

Case filed against eight alleged prisoners
After the objectionable objects found after Tuesday’s search in the district prison, the police are investigating by recording a report against eight, including half a dozen suspects housed in the remand center. DM Vishal Bhardwaj and Superintendent of Police Anurag Arya had inspected with 120 police officers. During the inspection, 12 mobile phones, 98 illegal ganja cassettes, four chargers, a television and other prohibited items and Rs 18,348 in cash were recovered from the prisoners’ barracks.