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New twist in the case of the attack on the CBI agent: Before the incident, the motorcyclist was also trampled by the truck, the police were not involved in the investigation.



Gorakhpur4 hours ago

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A new twist has been revealed in the case of the attempt to kill CBI SP MP Rupesh Kumar Srivastava by being crushed to death by a truck on the night of August 11 in Gorakhpur. A bicycle driver was also hit by the driver of the truck 6 km before the scene of the accident. In which both of the cyclist’s legs were fractured. He is being treated in a private hospital in the city.

This photo is from August 21, 2019, when CBI agent Rupesh Srivastava arrested P. Chidambaram at his home in connection with the Saradha scam.

This photo is from August 21, 2019, when CBI agent Rupesh Srivastava arrested P. Chidambaram at his home in connection with the Saradha scam.

CBI admits conspiracy
In fact, CBI Officer Rupesh Srivastava is investigating the high profile cases of the Railways fodder and recruitment scam of former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Yadav, Congress Leader P. Chidambaram and several central and state government ministers. He had also arrested P. Chidambaram. In such a situation, there is a possibility of a grand conspiracy behind the deadly attack on him.

truck hit
Dhananjay Chauhan (25), son of Suresh Chauhan, a resident of Tola Pyarepur, Jungle Dumri village number 2 of Gulriha, was going to buy goods by bicycle at Ramnagar intersection of Jainpur at around 7:30 p.m. on August 11. Ramnagar had reached the intersection, when the driver of the truck behind hit the bike. This is where he fell.

both legs were fractured
Both of his legs were fractured after being hit by the truck’s front wheel. Seeing the accident at the crossroads, the crowd approached, who, saving the injured, took down the driver of the truck and slapped him twice and asked him to park the truck on the side of the road. The driver started the car, but fled the vehicle at high speed. It is said that if people had not fled the front, two or four people would have been trampled by the truck.

Information has been given to dial 112
After that, the villagers reported the incident to 112. The police who visited the scene also investigated. There is a discussion between people that there was another person with the truck, who was looking at the side of the car. After that, the truck driver tripped over the CBI Deputy SP Scorpion in Bargahi and overturned the truck after climbing on the ballast. The driver died after being crushed under the truck.

Truck identified from CCTV footage
When relatives of the injured released the images and video from the CCTV camera installed at the intersection, it was confirmed which truck had caused the accident. Family members of the deceased filed a complaint with the footage and CCTV footage at the police station on Tuesday. But the police are investigating the case and talking about action.

The police are unable to answer these questions
At the same time, locals say that the truck from which both legs of the bicycle driver were fractured. The same truck had crashed into Deputy SP’s Scorpio, from which he narrowly escaped. In such a situation, the big question is why this accident was not included in the investigation of the incident? Why didn’t the police inform the CBI about the first incident after incident? At the same time, why did the truck driver run away so quickly with the car?

And who was the other person watching from the side of the car? where did he go? Why hasn’t this been studied yet? Also, if the police number 112 had informed the police of the Bhahat outpost, the truck would probably have been caught before the accident. People are looking for answers to many questions. At the same time, the CBI is looking at this whole affair with a different eye.

There was an attempt to run over the truck
Rupesh Srivastava hails from Pipralala of Shyamdeurwan Police Station in Maharajganj District. He is currently assigned as Deputy SP at CBI, New Delhi Branch. On Thursday, he had returned home on a day’s leave from Delhi on Raksha Bandhan. As he was returning from Maharajganj to Gorakhpur in the evening, an attempt was made to kill him by running him over with a truck.

The driver died after the truck overturned
His car was hit hard by a truck driving at high speed near Bargadhi in Gulriha region. Because of this, part of his car was completely broken. By the time the CBI agent and his driver could figure something out, the truck attempted to hit his car for the second time. However, the wheel of the truck fell on the ballast lying on the road, due to which the truck overturned. The truck driver died instantly in the accident.

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