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Now, how will the uniform be sewn? The banks collected the parents’ loan from the children, as soon as the money for the dress arrived in the account, it was deducted from the loan



The Yogi Adityanath government sent money to parents’ accounts to clothe primary school children, but as soon as this money was credited to many parents’ accounts, the banks deducted the borrowing fee. In this way, 10-10 thousand rupees donated under the Prime Minister’s Svanidhi Yojana falls heavily on poor children.

About 80% of the loans issued under this program have become NPA and some are about to become NPA. In these accounts, in the first session, 1100 rupees for clothing of children studying in council schools came. In the second session, Rs 1200 was recently sent. As soon as this amount arrived in the accounts, the NPA loan account of the Svanidhi loan program was automatically deducted from the system. This also came to the fore for not making a dress.

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According to the records of Bank of Baroda working under Lead Bank, 69,800 people in Kanpur received an amount of Rs 10,000 each in loan form under PM Svanidhi Yojana. Banks have disbursed Rs 69.80 crore under this scheme. Today, more than 80% of loans have become NPA or are about to do so.

In the second phase of Svanidhi Yojana, a loan of Rs 20,000 is given to beneficiaries who have repaid the loan of Rs 10,000 taken in the first phase. A loan of twenty thousand rupees was granted to only 5200 people. It is clear from this that how many is the number of people who have not returned 10,000 rupees.

According to a bank official associated with the scheme, more than 55,000 loans are in default, so the number of people taking Rs 20,000 is much lower. He said the banks would recoup the NPA amount of around 54 crore.

As soon as the dress money arrived, the outstanding loan was cut.
Children who studied in council schools previously received free clothes. But from the last session, as clothing, 1100 rupees began to be sent to the accounts of the parents of the children. This is where the problem arose. As soon as this amount arrived in the accounts that did not repay the Svanidhi loan amount, the money was adjusted against the outstanding balance of the previous loan. About 1.60 children study in these schools in Kanpur Nagar. In the last session, around Rs 16 crore entered the accounts. So far in this session, Rs 9.5 crore has arrived in around 83,000 accounts. Most of the amount was deducted due to non-payment of Svanidhi loan money. This is also one of the reasons why the dress is not made.

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Most of the loans issued under the Pradhan Mantri Svanidhi Yojana have become NPAs. The banks make every effort to withdraw the amount from the NPA account. There is an automatic deduction system in the loan account. That is, the money will come from anywhere in the account, it will be automatically deducted from the loan payment. Under this system, the money received for the children’s dress is also deducted at the head of the loan not paid earlier.

Ashish Kumar Mishra, National Secretary, V Bankers

Clothing money is to come from the account of about 1.60 lakh children. So far this session, clothing money has arrived in the accounts of approximately 83,000 children. To know the reason why children do not come to school wearing a dress and what is the reason why the dress is not made, they will not only go to schools but also raise awareness.

Surjit Kumar Singh, BSA