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Release from prison for good behavior: a prisoner, who was serving a sentence because of the Azadi festival in Etawah, was released



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In Etawah, he was released from prison waiving the old age sentence. The prisoner’s sentence was canceled due to the Azadi Amrit festival. Good conduct was free to maintain peace and order in the prison.

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As the country celebrates the 75th anniversary of independence, Santosh, a convicted prisoner serving time in the district jail, has been released from jail. He was released on personal bail. Santosh expressed his joy after being released from prison. Santosh, 62, a resident of Nagla Bane village of Chaubia region police station, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment under various articles by the Supplementary District Court and Judge sessions of court no. He was sentenced to 2 years by the High Court of Allahabad. Santosh had served the sentence of 1 year 2 months 24 days until August 14. On the instructions of the government, after serving the remaining sentence, instructions were given to release him from prison on August 15, after which the prisoner has now been released from Etawah prison.

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Briefing on this, the chief superintendent of the prison, Dr. Ramdhani, said that on the occasion of Amrit Mahotsav of independence, in order to maintain good conduct and peace and order on the instructions from the government, prisoner Santosh should be released from prison on a personal basis. bail of Rs 50,000. Instructions were received on which he was released from here.

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