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SOG and Kotwali Police arrest vicious thieves: Rs 58,000 including stolen Scorpion recovered



Deoria10 minutes ago

Three defendants arrested with a stolen Scorpion

In Deoria, the SOG and Kotwali Police arrested three vicious thieves including the stolen vehicle. The SOG Manager and Inspector in Charge, Kotwali May Police Team were roaming the area to arrest the accused sought. Then the informant informed about the presence of some suspicious people near the ARTO office. Upon information, the active SOG and police team reached the ARTO office. There are 3 accused with the stolen Scorpio vehicle respectively Rajan Kumar Singh son Rajesh Singh resident – Majirwa Kala police district Phulwaria Gopalganj (Bihar), Sachin Kumar son Vidyalal Prasad resident – Barhan police district Mufasil district Gopalganj (Bihar), Rohit Verma alias Ajay son Resident of Premchandra Verma-07/37 Arrested Sharma Dhaba Police Station Kotwali Deoria District near Kanshi Ram’s residence.

Stolen Scorpios had come to do

The police team strictly questioned the accused in relation to the vehicle. The accused said that this vehicle was stolen by them on July 14 from Bihta, Patna district, Bihar state. That he brought today to make Deoria.

What did the accused say about the recovered money?

A total of Rs 58,000 was recovered from the accused. About which he said that the money we had left from selling stolen vehicles etc. had been recovered from us.

What did the head of Kotwali say

The Inspector in charge of Kotwali, Mrityunjay Singh, said that regarding the theft of the vehicle, it was found in the investigation that a case was registered in this regard at Bihta Police Station in Patna ( Bihar) in connection with the theft of the vehicle.

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