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SP MLA organized a tricolor rally in Amroha: Said- Put tricolor in every house, people have been sensitized



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On Wednesday in Amroha, Samajwadi party sadar MP Mehboob Ali held a march rally with SP workers as part of the “Har Ghar Tricolor” campaign. Meanwhile, the national flag was distributed to party workers and ordinary people. Call also to hoist them to their respective homes.

SP MP Sadar Mehboob Ali said Mahatma Gandhi had called on the British to leave India. It was only after India gained independence on August 15, 1947. This festival will be dedicated to hailing the martyrs of the freedom movement and the resolve to protect the Indian Constitution and the democratic system.

Establish Indian Citizens Rule
August Kranti’s dream was to establish the rule of Indian citizens in the country, so that everyone could have a life of rights and respect. The responsibility for realizing this dream and saving the constitutional values ​​and ideals of the national movement once again rests with ordinary citizens and socialists.

The lawmaker held a rally with SP workers

The lawmaker held a rally with SP workers

committed to protecting civil rights
We are determined to protect democracy, the constitution and civil rights by hoisting the national flag in every home to commemorate Gandhi’s call against oppression and exploitation. That is why today he walked the workers and called on the people to hoist the national flag over every house.

SP MLA held a meeting with the workers.

SP MLA held a meeting with the workers.

these people were there
During this time he was accompanied by Lawyer Zahid Hussain, Zakir Ali, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Haji Jamshed, Haji Shadab, Haji Anees, Kallu Kha, Mugis, Haji Lalla, Sajid Ali, Zeeshan Ali, Rizwan Pradhan, Firoz Ahmed, Aftab Saifi, Naushe, Sharif Ali All SP workers, including Israr Ahmed, were involved.

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