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The car was stolen from the driver on the pretext of going to Kedarnath: After drinking alcohol, it was thrown on the way to Moradabad, it was done to fulfill the hobby



Greater Noida16 minutes ago

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Surajpur police arrested four robbers.  - Daïnik Bhaskar

Surajpur police arrested four robbers.

Surajpur Police Station in Greater Noida has arrested 4 vicious robbers. A Swift car stolen from the accused was found.

He had perpetrated the car theft incident under the guise of going to Kedarnath. In Greater Noida, they were driving the stolen car with a fake license plate.

In fact, on July 31, under the guise of going to Kedarnath from Bulandshahr taxi rank, he cheated and booked the car with the intention of stealing.

These people threw the driver on the way in Chhajlet Moradabad after he got intoxicated by mixing alcohol in a cold drink on the way and stole the car and fled.

The car was driving with a fake license plate

To avoid the police these people started living in Greater Noida and replaced the number plate of the looted vehicle with the fake Delhi number plate and started using the vehicle by putting fake number plate .

The information was given by an informant, these people had nothing yet but are now driving in a new car, after which the police questioned the people, then this whole incident came to light.

used to fly for leisure

Meanwhile, police arrested Sandeep, resident of Hathras, Robin and Mohit, resident of Bulandshahr and Shivam, resident of Aligarh.

To realize the hobby of his car, he made such an incident. Currently, the police are collecting information on his criminal history.

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