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The woman was sleeping, the father was doing such a thing thinking that the newborn baby was dead, the soul was shaking when hearing it



One such case was brought to light in Banda, UP, hearing this made people’s souls tremble. However, this whole affair happened because of a misunderstanding. In fact a woman was sleeping a deep sleep, her newborn was also sleeping close to her. Due to the lack of movement in the body of the newborn, the father assumed that he was dead. Hearing what happened after that, people’s hair stood on end.
The case is that of the village of Sarai Jadeed in the Naraini region of the Banda district. Jaladuddin’s wife, who lives here, gave birth to a newborn a week ago. On Tuesday morning, the woman was sleeping soundly, her newborn was also lying next to her.

When the woman’s husband saw the child, he took the newborn for dead and took him away. Here, when the woman’s eyes opened, she began to search for the child. Hearing the woman’s cries, local people gathered at her door. When people asked the woman’s husband about this, he could not give an answer. After that, the police were informed. Based on suspicion, the police attended the scene and took the woman’s husband to Kotwali. Strictly questioned here, he vomited everything.

The accused husband said earlier his son felt hot from a fever. Later in the morning, the body had cooled down. He thought the son was dead, so he buried the child in the drain that runs through the fields in the early morning without telling anyone. Arrived on the spot, the child was recovered then taken to the CHC, where the doctors pronounced him dead. The woman said her son had a fever Monday night. The husband had asked Jalaluddin for treatment, but did not take it. Later, she fell asleep. When she woke up in the morning, the child was missing.