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UP Cabinet Decision: Female prisoners will be able to wear mangalsutra and salwar suit in prison, know what facilities will be available



In the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, it was approved to make many honorable changes by amending the Prison Handbook 2022 on Tuesday. While female prisoners will be allowed to wear mangalsutra, they will now be provided with sanitary pads as well as shampoo. Pregnant inmates will be provided with additional nutritious food and medical facilities. Along with this, Hindu prisoners will be given Kheer and Haluwa on festivals and Muslim prisoners will be allowed to fast in Ramzan and they will be given dates for eating. Prisoners will be able to observe quickly on Shivratri, Ramnavami, Anant Chaturdashi, Devotthan Ekadashi, Janmashti, Navratri and Bhima Ekadashi.

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Prison security will be tightened

The cabinet approved the strengthening of security for strict prevention of violence in prisons. For this, 220 carbines, 374 9mm pistols, 900 7.62mm SSR rifles, 1200 polycarbonate batons, 2500 protective vests, 2500 fiberglass helmets, 150 riot gas guns, 11 thousand cartridges of 9mm carbine will be procured for it from Rs 11.72 crore. Lucknow, Chitrakoot, Gautam Budh Nagar, Azamgarh, Lalitpur and Central Jail will house notorious prisoners

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You can get a beard at your own expense

Until now, there was a provision for twisting, cutting and sorting prisoners, but now prisoners will use it and throw a razor to shave at their own expense. Prisoners will have to make neem and acacia teeth regularly. From now on, a photo pass will be created for visitors who gather in the prison. The child will be baptized at birth in prison. A baptism ceremony will also be organized. The costs will be borne by the parents. The birth of the detained child will not be mentioned in his birth certificate. Shishu Sadan, proper education will be organized for children aged 3 to 6 living in prison.

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this deal is over

The cabinet abolished the closed prison system in view of the difficulties of returning to prison after appearing in court from distant prisons. In fact, in districts like Lalitpur and Gorakhpur, there was a system of keeping prisoners in a temporary jail overnight or for a day or two, if they could not return from the distant courtroom at a given time, which has been abolished. In addition, the provision of separate prisons, dry toilets and lanterns for European prisoners was also removed. At the same time, the special arrangement for keeping tuberculosis patients in Sultanpur Jail was also abolished.


  • Prisoners will receive tea and four biscuits in the morning
  • The bakery will be arranged in prison
  • Children between the ages of 4 and 6 can be sent to other schools outside prison.
  • Captives or spouses of the same family can meet once a week.
  • If the inmate’s blood relative or spouse is in another prison, he can call.
  • NGOs will be allowed to undertake prison reform programs.
  • There will be a committee headed by DM to give permission to the NGO.
  • Each prison will have a Prison Welfare Officer with the rank of Deputy Jailer.
  • Educational programs will be organized for prisoners in prisons.
  • Yoga, exercise, volleyball, etc. will be organized for the prisoners.
  • There will be a Panchayat in the prisons, in which there will be prisoners of good conduct.
  • A cooperative society will be established in the prison.
  • Computer courses, etc. will be organized to make the prisoners efficient.