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Well-being discourse: it is condemnable to ridicule others: Patience Nidhi



Pratapgarh44 minutes ago

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In the city, a religious program was held at Ashok Nagar on Saturday as part of a public welfare talk by Sakal Sangh idol worshiper Shri Jain Shwetambar. In this, Sadhvi Dhairya Nidhi said that it is wrong to make fun of someone else for their selfishness. On the third day of the discourse, the Sadhvi said in Ashok Nagar that nowadays a person has become so engrossed in his egoism that even his relatives and relatives keep drifting away day by day.

In India today, this situation has happened in almost every household, which is worrying. Today each person has forgotten the feeling of belonging by adopting the mantra of a small family, a happy family. Taresh Chaplot of Jain Sangh, Dilip Porwal said that a program will be organized in Bada Bagh settlement on June 26 as part of the series of speeches.

Scout Guide Camp Concludes Dhariyavad | The 40-day camp organized by the Association of Scouts and Guides in the premises of the old college ended on Saturday. The main guest was the District Director of Education, Kailashchandra Teli. Scout CO Rekha Sharma chaired. At the end of the camp, camp operator Laxmanlal Meena and deputy director Shabbir Khan Pathan held an exhibition about the training the children went through for 40 days. Which was inspected by guests, including the District Director of Education.

Congress OBC Bloc Chairman Ramesh Chaudhary and other Bhamashahs were honored under the program. Teli said that in the scout camp, training is given to children on tasks to use in their lives. By getting it, children continue to practice it in their lives.

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