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While cruising the Ganges, woman’s sari stuck in motor, had to be cut



A tragic accident happened with a family while admiring the Ghats in the Ganges of Varanasi by boat. The leg was badly damaged after the woman’s sari got stuck in the boat’s engine. To save the woman’s life, doctors had to amputate her leg. The woman’s husband filed a complaint with the police, holding the sailor responsible for the accident. Police began searching for the sailor after registering a report.

Prashant Sahay, a resident of Tulsipur Mahalaxmi Apartment in Bhelupur police station area, had arrived in Assighat with his family and relatives on July 17. The boat operator present at Assi Ghat offered boating. After that, 16 people who went to the ghat with Dr. Prashant got on the boat for boating.

Prashant Sahay alleges that seeing the boat’s engine open, he repeatedly asked the sailor to put the lid on. Even after that, he didn’t. On the way back, due to the wave in the Ganges in front of Scindia Ghat, the boat staggered and the sari and feet of Prashant’s wife, Vibha Sahay, got stuck in the engine. By the time the engine was shut down, the strut was badly damaged. Somehow, with the help of other sailors, the saree was cut and the leg was removed.

The woman was admitted to a private hospital in Mahmoorganj. Where it was found that the thigh bone was broken. The leg is damaged in several places. Doctors saved his life by amputating his leg. The sailors fled immediately after the accident.

Prashant Sahay took the photo of the sailors in the mobile during the incident. Based on this, Prashant identified them both and filed a lawsuit on Wednesday evening. On the basis of Tahrir, the police registered a case against the owner of the boat Sholu and the owner of the resident boat Assi Krish.