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In a love story, young men and women often end up committing suicide. The fever of love rises on people so much that they don’t even understand the difference between good and evil and take actions like suicide. Sometimes the lover does not hesitate to embrace death for the beloved and sometimes for the beloved lover. One such case was revealed in Mainpuri, where a lover fell so madly in love with a young woman that he cut a vein in his hand. Not only that, he also hit his neck with a blade. After obtaining information about the incident, the police attended the scene and took the youngster to the district hospital, where he was treated. The young person’s condition is declared out of danger.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon. A youth named Sunny, a resident of Shikohabad town in Firozabad, reached a village in Kotwali region. It is said that the girl living in Shikohabad had come to her aunt’s house. The young man admitted to hospital said he had been in love for a year. Reached daughter’s aunt’s house living in Mainpuri. He told the aunt that he loved the young woman, that he would die without her. Thereupon the aunt said he should show him dead first.

The young man told that when the aunt asked to die, he cut the vein in his hand with a blade, and also struck his neck. The youngster also alleged that the aunt hit his neck with a blade. The case would be settled by the police. Kotwali official Vikram Singh said the young man was admitted to hospital. No complaint has reached him about the incident. If a complaint is received, action will be taken.