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Yogi government gift, belongs to the village, so land can be found near the highway for this work



The government of Yogi Adityanath is going to give a big gift to the villagers. To promote small industries in towns and villages, the government will give villagers land near the highway. The land will be allocated to the villagers by levying development fees only. Not only this, Gram Sabha land will also be donated for industry within a five km radius of the existing highway in the state. Entrepreneurs in the respective development block will have priority in the allocation of land from the Gram Sabha whose land will be taken.

Considering the growing contribution of the MMME sector to exports and employment, the UP government will now bring the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Policy of Uttar Pradesh-2022. It places special emphasis on the promotion of small industries in rural areas. Under this, more than five to 10 acres of Gram Sabha land will be acquired and transferred free of charge to the Directorate of Industries. Industrial clusters will develop there. In this case, the allocation of land to local entrepreneurs establishing small industries will only be after development costs.

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A fund of 500 crores will be established on the basis of a PPP
A critical industrial infrastructure fund of 500 crore will be established to strengthen the MSME park, road connectivity in the industrial park, power supply, power grid, water supply, treatment plant, etc.

In this, the UP government will make provisions on the budget. This fund will be linked to Atal Innovation Mission. MMME industries will be encouraged to raise capital through the Entrepreneurship Exchanges. Through this, 50% of expenses incurred to raise equity, up to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh, will be reimbursed financially.

A special concession will be available on the flat factory complex
If a private company builds an MMME park or a flat factory complex on ten or more acres of land, it will be reimbursed 50% of the interest payable on the sanctioned loan for seven years. The private company will benefit from a complete exemption from stamp duty on the purchase of land. It is necessary to reserve 75 percent of the salable space in the park or complex for the unit. A policy will be put in place to transfer industrial zones to municipal corporations.