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Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting – Features (2022)



Cloudways Web Hosting Review: Hosting is one important ingredient that helps you grow your online business. We have many hosting options, but choosing the right one is complicated. This article will help you choose the right hosting and discuss several factors you need to consider before choosing a hosting, like performance, security, reliability, prices, etc.

Regularly online many people search on google for Cloudways, Cloudways reviews, Cloudways pricing, Cloudways coupons, Cloudways WordPress and Cloudways hosting, etc.

We’ve researched and found a hosting platform that best meets your website needs and allows you to focus on your business instead. We will inspect Cloudways, one of the leading industrial cloud hosting platforms.

cloudways wordpress hosting

Cloudways: Managed WordPress Hosting:

Cloudways is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform that offers attractive features where you can easily manage your servers and applications. Cloudways has partnered with industrial-Efron cloud infrastructure providers (DigitalLocation, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform) and act as intermediaries between platform users and cloud infrastructure providers.

Features of Cloudways:

Let us focus on the Cloudways feature, vital in expanding your website and online business and generating more profit.

1. Performance:

cloudways fast performance

Cloudways provide unparalleled price quotes where they manage and control major services like Apache, Nginx, Varnish, etc. From your Server Dashboard. This service helps you to improve the performance of your site and also allows you to increase the speed of your site. Lights (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, and PHP) exist with the Nginx stack as inverted proxies that produce high-performance results.

Most hosting providers (distributed, managed, and dedicated) use a stack of LAMPs or LEPs (Linx, Nginx, Maria DB, PHP). Still, here you’ll find a combination of additional performance activators such as additional performance activators with several Pile.

2. Security:

cloudways security

But Cloudways makes the process easy and gives you different layers of security to secure your servers at all levels. Let us briefly consider the security layer and the features it provides.

  • Special Security Firewall: This security wall allows access to certain ports (important ports only).
  • Login Layer: Animal Login Attack is a common web-host security threat. To deal with this problem, Cloudways provides SSH/SFTP login method.
  • Manage IP: You can manage your security settings from the Cloudways dashboard, where you can enter your IP in white for login access and database.
  • 2FA: Two-Factor Authentication is a good way to make your account difficult for attackers or unauthorized users.
  • SSL Certificate: Cloudways provides a free SSL certificate for your web applications.

There are more security features, but let’s move on.

3. Scalability:

This measurement is an important factor that helps any business or website to grow and develop to their needs. Cloudways provide a high-end measurement platform; This allows you to quickly increase the size of your server and scale all the resources (in one minute) requiring several clicks. You will find this option in your Server Management Dashboard > Vertical Scale. For example, if your website grows or you are looking for a bigger server, you can quickly increase the size of your server using the slider.

4. Reliability:

Reliability is also an important factor that you need to consider before choosing web hosting. Cloudways has five cloud infrastructure partners and a data center in over 60 global locations to help you choose a server based on your target audience. Therefore you will find that managed cloud hosting is more reliable than other hosting solutions (distributed or VPS, etc.).

5. Ease of Use:

One of the reasons I recommend Cloudways is its simple and intuitive platform where you can easily manage your servers and applications from the dashboard. You will find two different dashboards on the platform; Server Management and Application Management. Let’s look at the Cloudways Management Dashboard.

It has many parts, and each section has a specific role and purpose. This dashboard will find all the server-related settings, configurations, and functions.

  • Master Credit: Here, you will find your server access credentials (Server IP, Server Username, and Server Password). You can also launch your server terminal from this section, and all you have to do is click on the SSH launch terminal.
  • Monitoring: You can check and monitor the health of your server.
  • Manage Services: You can manage server core services such as Apache, Nginx, Varnish, etc.
  • Settings and Packages: You can control the version (PHP and MySQL), size limit, execution time, and more.
  • Security: You can enter your IP in white to log in SFTP and database connection.
  • Work Space Scale: You can increase the size of your server.
  • Repository: You can schedule and manage your backups. In addition, you can take backups as requested by your server from this section.

Final Words:

We hope this article has helped you choose the right hosting provider for your business or online website. So now you know why we recommend our users to reliable hosting providers like Cloudways and consider it the best-managed cloud hosting. We have discussed the six important factors of Cloudways that help any business/website to grow and expand and how to meet your web needs.

Cloudways offer a three-day free trial (without a credit card)! So try and check out its features and share your experience in the comments below.

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