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1 year of Ukrainian war: In fact, the war is between Western countries and Russia. – America News – America News, News, Latest America News



Even a year after the start of the Ukrainian war, let alone its end, there is no seriousness in the efforts to stop it. In the name of accomplishment, we can only say that this war has not spread beyond Ukraine. Due to the war, the problems of crude oil, edible oil and wheat increased in the world. The global food crisis has worsened. It is said that the war is going to be more horrible in the times to come. Venkatesh Verma, who worked in the Indian foreign service for a long time and is a special DB of Russian affairs, says that the Russian-Ukrainian war is actually a war between Western countries.) and Russia (Russia) and Ukraine n is only his ground.

what has changed in a year

The war is bound to escalate in times to come as gradually the contribution of Western countries to this war has begun to emerge more openly. In an interview with Moneycontrol, Verma said that Russia learned many lessons during this period and also worked on them, but that Ukraine’s position did not strengthen or even weaken.

who is strong and who is weak

According to Verma, even though Russia may not have completely dominated Ukraine in this war or it may not have been allowed and even though Russia does not appear to be occupying Ukraine, but now Ukraine is more in loss than Russia in loss. May recover and recover, but Ukraine’s dependence on the West is increasing.

Russia against America only?

Initially, this war may appear to be a dispute between Russia and Ukraine, but the truth is that from the start, Ukraine was at war with US proxy forces. Now it has become a full-fledged Russian-American proxy war. The battlefield is Ukraine. But it will have very profound implications globally and it will also affect Americans’ ability to work on strategy against China in the Indo-Pacific region.

Russia Ukraine War, Russia, Ukraine, West, USA, NATO, Europe, European Union, Research, Russia-US Proxy War

It becomes clear that this war has turned into a proxy war between Russia and America. (Representative photo: shutterstock)

arms supply

The increase in the supply of arms to Ukraine is a great sign. This will only serve to prolong the war, which is not good for either of them. At present, no one is ready to adjust the interests of the other with their own interests. Nobody will be ready to negotiate until they are in a much better position.

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america is serious

One thing to note here is that the sudden presence of US President Joe Biden in Ukraine sent a big message to the world. Biden not only boosted Ukraine’s morale, but also tried to send a strong message to his American opponents that America is very serious about the Ukraine issue.

Russia Ukraine War, Russia, Ukraine, West, USA, NATO, Europe, European Union, Research, Russia-US Proxy War

In recent times, US interference in Ukraine has increased, which is clearly visible since US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine. (Representative photo: Wikimedia Commons)

role of nato

Europe is a big party in this, but that means most of Europe is tied to NATO. The situation has reached such a point that now the role of NATO will not be very big because if there is a dispute in Europe about the continuation of the war, then America itself will come forward and put the ‘NATO behind, which seems to be happening because this war is now America’s responsibility. The question of the nose becomes and perhaps the name of NATO is behind.

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The geopolitical situation is undoubtedly changing and there is also a great challenge for America. He will have to keep Europe with him and also convince the rest of the world that the war is not for his expansionist policy but for the world order. But the bigger problem is that his attention is diverted from efforts to stop China, which can benefit China. But China itself is mired in many problems of its own. At the same time, India will also need to closely monitor developments for its own sake.