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14 whales found dead off the Australian coast! Why does mysterious death occur? Know the reason



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Sperm whales can measure up to 18 meters in length and weigh 45 tons.
Whales are constantly dying on the Tasmanian coast
Over 380 whales died in Australia in September 2020

Canberra, In Tasmania, Australia, 14 young sperm whales died in a group washed up on a beach. According to a BBC report, residents of King Island notified authorities on Monday afternoon after seeing the dead whale. As soon as the incident was discovered, authorities dispatched a wildlife scientist and veterinarian for an investigation to determine the true cause of death. Experts say whales are often trapped in Tasmania and the island of Tasmania appears to be a mysterious location for such incidents.

At present, it is difficult to estimate how many additional whales are trapped near the coast. A state government spokesman said an aerial survey would reveal more creatures were trapped in the area. Sperm whales are 18 meters long and can weigh up to 45 tons. Wildlife scientist Vanessa Pirotta told the BBC the dead whales were likely part of a “bachelor pod” (a group of juvenile male whales) that ran into trouble on a beach in Tasmania.

Dr Pirotta said sperm whales are like ‘deep dive buses’ and generally spend more time in deeper water. He further stated that the trapping of whales remains a mystery. At this time, we don’t know exactly why this is happening. He said the whales must have reached the shallow waters here by poor navigation. In one such incident in September 2020, more than 380 pilot whales trapped on Australia’s largest beach died.

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