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17 other coffins found in cemetery after 100 years, now DNA test will be carried out; stir



Tulsa Massacre: The discovery of 17 other coffins in a cemetery in the US state of Oklahoma caused a stir. A total of 21 coffins have been found here in the past week. The search operation is currently in progress. All of these bodies are claimed to be related to the Centennial Tulsa Massacre. Let us tell you that in 1921 black people were attacked. Around 300 people lost their lives in the violence and around 10,000 people were left homeless.

Oklahoma State archaeologist Carrie Stackelbeck said 17 adult-sized graves were discovered. Previously, four other tombs had been discovered. In which two adults and two children were found. According to the AP news agency, the remains found in the coffins will now be sent for investigation. Efforts will be made to find out if they agree with the 1921 reports.

Search started 2 years ago
Let us tell you that in 2020, coffins were detected in this area by ground-penetrating radar. After that, research started here last year. So far, about three dozen coffins have been found. Fourteen sets of remains extracted from these coffins were selected for DNA testing. These DNAs would have been sufficient to develop a genealogical profile.

popular protest
All remnants have been closed in Oaklon, at least temporarily. Twenty people protested. Those who said they are descendants of genocide victims and should have been allowed to participate. In 1921, only 26 death certificates were issued for black victims of the massacre. 21 people are believed to have been buried in Oaklawn Cemetery.

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