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400 million doses of drugs captured in 2022, the entire US population could have been destroyed



Washington. The US Drug Enforcement Administration has seized around 400 million (400 million) doses of the deadly drug Fentanyl in the US in 2022. So many doses are enough to wipe out the entire US population. The anti-drug agency has described fentanyl as the most addictive substance, which is 50% more addictive than heroin and the deadliest among drugs found in America.

According to the DEA, she seized approximately 4,500 kg of fentanyl. Along with this, around 50.6 million or 5.6 crores of fentanyl tablets, manufactured as painkillers, were also seized. Compared to those drugs seized in 2021, twice as many drugs were seized this time around. Most of these drugs, the agency said, were smuggled into Mexico by Sinaloa and Jalisco drug cartels in large quantities. Chemicals from China were used for this.

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The amount of fentanyl seized this year is enough to kill 303 million people in the United States.

Fentanyl is so potent that even a pencil-sized amount can be fatal. One million people died in America last year due to drug overdoses, with two-thirds of deaths due to fentanyl.

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