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7 children lived in the house in such a state, there were lice in their hair, there were rat droppings on the floor, even the police were surprised.



Washington: One thing is unanimously accepted around the world. Children, whether human or animal, are safer with their parents. But a case has come to light in Pennsylvania where parents kept their children in worse conditions than animals. The police discovered that 7 children were living in an unsanitary and dangerous environment. The place where these children lived, there was feces all over the floor and there were rats in the cage. The mother, Crystal Robertson (37) and father Shane Robertson (47) were arrested following a complaint.

According to the police affidavit, the action was taken after receiving a complaint from three children breaking into an abandoned trailer in West Rockhill Township, 40 miles north of Philadelphia. According to the report, when officers found the children there, they spoke to their parents and took them to their house next to the trailer. Here, the police found that these people were living in a very pitiful condition, and the refrigerator in the house was also locked.

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When asked about it, mother Crystal Robertson told her kids they were trash and said they stole everything, so they locked the fridge. However, when police returned home with the Bucks County Child and Youth Social Services Agency after filing a report, they found 4 more children there.
Describing the situation there, police said there were about 1 dozen rats in a cage in one room, their droppings were strewn all over the house. Not only that, terrible stench, many insects, two dogs, two turtles, two rabbits, snakes, frogs and a 4ft long reptile were also found throughout the house.

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The children were brought to safety and sent to hospital for treatment. In another investigation, it was discovered that the seven children did not even go to school and could not read or write anything. Not only that, it has been found in the medical examination of the children that the children are victims of malnutrition. The physical cleanliness of the children is measured by the fact that two children were so infested with lice that they had shaved their heads. The parents were fined $10,000 for endangering the lives of the seven children.

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