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82-year-old employee got Rs 1 crore, video went viral on Tiktok



New York. We have all learned from childhood that a little help for someone can turn out to be a big help for the needy. The hallmark of this was seen with Wal-Mart cashier, when the 82 year old cashier retired he received a check for Rs 108,682 and this check was not received from any company but through crowdfunding. Warren Marion, a resident of Cumberland, Maryland, received a crore of rupees through online crowdfunding. An organization named GoFundMe for Marion did crowdfunding for Marion.

The Tiktok user shared the video
According to media reports, the owner of the institution, Rory McCarty, posted a video of 82-year-old cashier Marion in December last year. Rory McCarty has millions of followers on Tiktok, who have helped Marion. McCarty said in his GoFundMe post that he wants to help US Navy veteran Marion be able to do everything she loves when she retires.

Marion took care of the cash register very easily.
McCarty wrote on the GoFundMe page: “As a business owner, I can understand how hard it is to make money. But I was amazed to see the dedication of this old man, who works 8 to 9 hours a day. Rory told the media that he went to the Walmart store to buy batteries. After shopping, he stood at the checkout counter, where he saw old Marion, who was tending the counter with a smile on her face. He handled the crowd very easily.

Marion’s video shared on the crowdfunding platform
Rory said he was impressed with Marion’s dedication to work, that even at this age a person works 8-9 hour shifts a day. That’s when Rory decides to help the former Walmart employee. He posted the old man’s video on Tiktok, a crowdfunding platform called “GoFundMe.” After that money began to accumulate there. Rory said: “I wanted to help the ex-Navy (Butch) through the last days of his life. So he can meet his kids in Florida.

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