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9/11 Terror Attack, Corona and 2008 Recession… Meet the People Who Made These Important Predictions



Washington. From the 9/11 terrorist attack on America to the global recession, the climate crisis, the AIDS epidemic, Donald Trump becoming president, many predictions have been made about disasters like the outbreak of Corona infection . Different people had warned and made predictions about all this in the past. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had previously been alerted to Osama bin Laden regarding the September 11 terrorist attack on America in 2001. If this prediction (predicted disasters) or warning had been taken seriously, so maybe it could have been avoided. A big revelation about this was made by Ali Soufan, a Lebanese-American FBI agent himself. Ali Soufan was 29 in October 2000.

According to a report in ‘The Guardian’, in October 2000, 29-year-old Lebanese-American FBI agent Ali Soufan revealed that he heard a pager beep while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Ali Soufan says a fishing boat more than 7,000 miles off the coast of Yemen was pierced by suicide bombers alongside the USS Cole. 17 American sailors were killed there.

At that time, John O’Neill, head of the FBI’s National Security Division, called Soufan into his office and assigned him to investigate. Was alerted to the threat posed by al-Qaeda in the United States.

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Soufan says it all started for me in 1997 when I wrote a note to the FBI warning them about this man, Osama bin Laden. It became a very special document when the East African Embassy was bombed in 1998.

A team led by Soufan and O’Neill traveled directly to Yemen, where they quickly made connections between the attack on the USS Cole, al-Qaeda and the bombings of US embassies in Tanzania and in Nairobi, which killed more than 200 people.

Soufan said the al-Qaeda attack could have been avoided. The CIA had hidden many such pieces of information that could have exposed the 9/11 conspiracy. Working without sleep for several days, Soufan interviews one of the USS Cole conspirators, who mentions a jihadist who knew one of the 9/11 hijackers and was involved in the attack in Yemen. After several days of questioning, Soufan got the man to identify the terrorists.

Soufan left the FBI in 2005. In his early 50s, he now runs the Soufan Group, a global security consultancy. He warned of emerging dangers in the world. But maybe we didn’t pay attention to it and now we have to pay attention to it. He also predicted that I was convinced that we had to face an epidemic, and we were not prepared for it.

Robin Marantz Hennig on Covid
Not only that, in 1990 Robin Marantz Hennig predicted the outbreak of corona infection that wreaked havoc across the world. Hennig started researching a book about the virus. A year ago, more than 200 virologists gathered at a conference in Washington DC to brainstorm future threats and fight complacency. The conference appeared to be about the possible emergence of a virus that could cross the oceans and cause a pandemic.

Hennig recalled the first AIDS scare, first seen in 1981 in New York, where his brother was working as a doctor at the time. Hennig was 29 in 1983 and was already a prolific science writer. A magazine article on AIDS was also published in the New York Times. So a few weeks ago scientists identified HIV as the virus responsible, so my editors said, ‘Okay, now we’re going to put you on the beat for AIDS and you’re going to find out which lab is going to fix it. , and we’ll do a field report there. Hennig is now 69 and lives in New York. It’s taken about 10 years to prevent AIDS deaths.

In his book A Dancing Matrix, published in 1993, he also referred to the epidemic as a corona infection. The proximity of the growing human population to wildlife, including bats and rodents, sounded the alarm. He also says that I was convinced that an epidemic was going to occur in the future, and we were not prepared for it. A year later, Richard Preston’s “The Hot Zone” and Laurie Garrett’s “The Coming Plague” were top-selling books with similar themes.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, my daughter asked me how was it to see it and know you predicted it? That was what we were going through now.

Alan Lichtman on Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US elections
Not only that, predictions have also been made about Donald Trump who won the US presidential election of 2016. Alan Lichtman had predicted about this. Donald Trump sent a congratulatory message about it to Lichtman. It was sent in a sealed envelope. Displaying it to Lichtman, Trump wrote in thick marker: Professor – Congratulations – Good call – Donald Trump. Lichtman, 75, was a professor at American University. Since 1984, he has been known as a prophet who has made accurate predictions regarding US presidential elections. But in 2020, he received no congratulatory messages from Joe Biden.

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Leon Charles on the climate crisis
Leon Charles also issued many warnings about the climate crisis. Leon Charles worked as a geography teacher on the Caribbean island of Grenada in the 1990s. He was also born in Grenada. They tracked weather conditions and tracked storms, which was a matter of great concern. It is said that the weather of the seasons changed. In some places people point to a place in the sea and say it was land 20 years ago.

Charles, 65, has been tasked with coordinating Grenada’s role in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The most recent annual meeting was COP27 in 2022. He presented the scientific literature and the first reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He says that after all the scientific warnings and predictions, the world has failed to take adequate action to deal with the climate crisis. He also said that most developed countries don’t take us seriously.

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