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a 10-foot python binds the legs of a 5-year-old boy, then jumps into the pool; A 76-year-old grandfather saved his life



Sidney. A shocking case has come to light in Australia. A python attacked a 5-year-old child. Not only that, this snake grabbed the child’s feet and then jumped into the nearby pool. Later, with great difficulty, the child’s 76-year-old grandfather and his father saved his life. According to the media, this python was three times larger than the child’s length.

The boy’s father told a local radio station that his son Beau Blake was enjoying a swim at home. Meanwhile, he stood by the pool. That’s why a 10-foot-long python attacked him there. His father, Ben, told Melbourne radio station 3AW on Friday of the incident: “Once we cleaned up the blood and told him he wasn’t going to die because he wasn’t a poisonous snake .” My son and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

dragon ready to attack
The child’s family lives in the coastal town of Byron Bay in New South Wales. His father said his son was playing by the pool. He said, “There was a python in the next bush. It was as if he was already ready to attack someone. Within seconds the python grabbed my son’s legs.

grandfather jumped
As soon as the python grabbed the child and put him in the water, 76-year-old grandfather Alan immediately jumped into the pool. Ben said the two of them later saved him from the snake’s clutches in 15 to 20 seconds. After that, Ben held the python for about 10 minutes and tried to calm his kids and father down before releasing him back into the wild. Later, the child was discharged from the hospital soon after.

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