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A 13-year-old boy became a pregnant teacher, used to do dirty deeds in the classroom too, telling everyone – my brother is here!



It’s not common to have a crush on a female teacher. Many big celebrities have also told stories from their childhood. However, this love is never two-sided. But today we are going to tell you about a case in which the boy asked for a teacher’s number on Instagram. After that, the conversation started between the two. As the series of talks progressed, they began to visit each other and a physical relationship was formed. After that, the child introduced the teacher to his parents and told them that I loved him. At the same time, the teacher said that I am pregnant and that I will be the mother of a 13-year-old child.

However, the parents did not care that the age gap between the two was huge. But for having a relationship with a 13-year-old child, the police arrested the teacher and she was sentenced to 10 years. Please say that before this pregnancy, the teacher had a 4-year-old child from an estranged relationship. The question is from North Houston, America. Alexandria Vera, 24, taught English there at Stovall Middle School. There, he met 13-year-old students in 2015. One day in the year 2016, suddenly, the boy left school and asked for Alexandria’s number via Instagram messenger. Also said we both should go somewhere to take a walk. The next day after receiving the message, the teacher arrived at the boy’s house, meanwhile the boy’s parents were not at home. In such a situation, physical relations formed between the two for the first time.

According to the documents submitted to the court, an illicit relationship is established between the two on a daily basis. Then other students in the school also said that the boy used to misbehave with the teacher in a crowded class, but the teacher did not object. It was discussed throughout the school. At the same time, the teacher’s neighbor said the boy was still being seen at Alexandria’s. Asking, she would say he is her brother. However, after that, the boy introduced his teacher as his girlfriend to his parents. Alexandria said she had no problem with my age and my pregnancy. The boy’s parents were happy.

However, the child protection investigator forced Alexandria to have an abortion. Even today, people discuss this incident on the Internet. Let us tell you that despite the approval of the relationship by the child’s parents, the court sentenced the woman to 10 years in prison. In passing sentence, State District Judge Michael McSpadden said that I had seen many similar cases. We want teachers to give good education to school children and not give such examples.

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