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A 20-foot python swallowed alive by a goat, ripped from its mouth; watch amazing video



Viral video: A shocking video has surfaced from Malaysia. A 20-foot-long python swallowed the goat alive. Later, with great difficulty, the python’s life was saved. After hours of hard work, the goat was pulled out of the dragon’s mouth. Although the goat is already dead. The weight of the python was about 77 kg. While the weight of the goat was between 10 and 12 kg.

According to local newspaper Berita Harian, a goat was lost in the area. His owner was looking for him. Although he already suspected that his goat might have been preyed upon by a python. Later, this was also confirmed. The 20 foot python had swallowed the whole goat. After that, the information was given to the fire brigade.

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A team of eight people was sent to save the snake. You can see in the video that the snake is picked up and taken out. After that, the goat was removed by pulling it from its mouth. A fire service spokesman said it was the first time the fire and rescue service had engaged in such work.

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Pythons are commonly found in Southeast Asia. Although they are commonly found in forests, grasslands and rainforests. Pythons are carnivorous and feed mainly on birds and mammals. It is common for them to eat large animals, including deer, pigs or goats.

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