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A baby girl born with a “tail” 6 cm long, doctors surprised! subsequent surgery



Baby girl born with an adult tail: A surprising case has been revealed in Mexico. Here a baby girl was born with a long tail. The length of this tail was about 6 cm. Even the doctors were surprised to see this. Later, he was separated from the body after the surgery. According to doctors, it only happens to one in 10 lakh people. The baby girl was born by Caesarean section in a rural hospital in the northeast of the country.

According to the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, the child had no history of radiation exposure or infection during the pregnancy. The child’s parents were also in perfect health. The tail measured 5.7 cm in length, was also cylindrical, with a diameter between 3 mm and 5 mm throughout its length.

hair on the tail
According to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, doctors said the tail was covered in hair and skin and the baby started crying when pinched. Then the doctors did a lumbosacral x-ray. This is an imaging test that helps the doctor visualize the anatomy of the lower back. But no evidence of abnormalities or bony structures was found inside the tail. It means that this tail was not working. Which has lost all utility in the body over time.

released after surgery
The child’s MRI also revealed no brain abnormalities and was negative for spinal abnormalities. Later, at the age of two months, the baby was re-examined by the pediatric and general surgery team. When the doctors were satisfied that there had been enough weight and growth for the age, the tail structure was increased by 0.8 cm in length. In the absence of skin lesions, it was decided to amputate the tail and reconstruct the area by Limburg plasty.
The child was later released and no complications have been reported since.

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