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A billionaire man married only one man, died after 2 hours, left behind billions of rupees and then…



A startling case has come to light in Taiwan, where an 18-year-old man, who inherited billions of rupees, died just two hours after getting married. The young man is said to have married a man he had only met twice. The young man inherited a property worth 500 million dollars from his father. According to the Independent’s report, Lai, 18, was found dead on May 4 on the ground floor of a 10-story apartment building. During the investigation, it was revealed that this was the same building where his assistant real estate agent, Hasiya, also lived.

Notably, Hsia and Lai, 26, had legally registered their marriage two hours before his death. Hsia and Lai’s father was a real estate agent. Hsia also helped the late Lai’s father manage his property and worked closely with his son Lai at the time. The death was revealed by Taiwanese media on May 19, when the teenager’s mother, whose last name was Chen, held a press conference in the city of Taichung in central Taiwan, accompanied by her attorney.

Alleging a criminal act, he wondered about the circumstances of the death. The deceased’s mother alleged that her son was murdered for his money and a plan was hatched to make the incident look like a suicide. Chen also claimed that his son was “not gay” and had only met Hsia twice before his death, the first time at his father’s funeral. According to The Strait Times, the deceased’s mother told reporters that she would “never accept” that her son killed himself, that he had no reason because he was “studying at a local university”.

After examining Lai’s body, forensic expert Cao Ta-cheng claimed that the wounds found on Lai’s body showed that he had not fallen from the 10th floor. Because there was no blood circulation in his head and stomach. He feared that Lai had been poisoned before he fell. Explain that same-sex marriage is legal and also includes inheritance rights.

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