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A boat full of 300 guests drowned in the middle of the river, 100 people died, there was an uproar



Abuja: A major accident occurred in Nigeria on Tuesday. Police and local officials say a boat carrying 300 people returning from a wedding in north-central Nigeria sank in a river (boat accident). It is said that more than 100 people drowned in this incident and many are missing. If officials are to be believed, the death toll is expected to rise further. However, the lifeguard rescue operation continues.

According to the AFP news agency report, the wedding ceremony was taking place in Niger State. The boat was traveling to Kwara State carrying wedding guests. The boat was overloaded due to rain and more people. Kwara State Police, Okasanmi Ajay, said so far 103 people have died in the boat accident and more than 100 people have been rescued.

Drowning is common in the Niger River due to lack of safety procedures and heavy flooding. Last month, a boat capsized in northwestern Sokoto state. In this accident, 15 children drowned and 25 others disappeared. About a year ago, 29 children from a village also drowned in the same river when they went to collect firewood for their family. During massive flooding during the rainy season last December, at least 76 people drowned when their boat capsized in a flooded river in southeastern Anambra state.

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The Niger River is the main river in West Africa. It is also an important local trade route for some countries. Nigeria’s National Inland Waterways Authority has tried to ban night navigation on the rivers to prevent accidents and make overloading ships a criminal offence, but captains and crew often ignore the rules.

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