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A cancer-stricken mother cooked food for her son for the last time just before he died, millions’ eyes got watery after watching the video



Cancer is a disease that is not easy for anyone to fight. The fear of death haunts every moment. Many people faint from the mouth of death. But the heavy financial burden breaks the family apart. There are many touching incidents related to cancer, knowing that you can’t stop your tears. One of these videos is going viral in China these days. A mother was suffering from cancer and she was cooking for her son for the last time.

The son made a video of the last meal made by his mother. And he posted it on social media. This video has gone viral in China. These days, it has become the most searched news in China. This person posted this video on the Doyin social site there. Let us tell you that Tiktok is known as Douyin in China and it is very popular. Due to Tiktok ban in India, we cannot post this video here.

Mom, rest in peace…
According to the South China Morning Post, the video was uploaded to Douyin last week by a man from Deng in Dalian, northeast China. It can be seen in the video that the mother has no hair on her head and is busy cooking in the kitchen in her pajamas. Famous Chinese folk music plays in the background of the video. Vizio’s caption reads, “Mother, rest in peace.” Nothing will beat him.

video before death
According to the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald report, Deng, 20, recorded the video shortly before her mother died earlier this month. He said his mother was diagnosed with cancer in February but did not tell his family about it for fear they would worry. Only his son knew.

Goods brought from the market with the mother
She says that a few days after her mother’s third round of chemotherapy, she suddenly asked him what he wanted to eat. Deng said, “He asked me to go to the market with him. We bought kelp, potatoes and meat. After returning home, she went to the kitchen to cook. While she cooked in the kitchen, I sat in the living room. I kept crying when I saw them. She was already very weak, but she always cooked for me. She was out of breath and rested long after cooking.

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