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A couple won the lottery, accidentally bought 3 tickets for the same game, all won



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A 67-year-old man from Maryland, America, won the lottery
Person accidentally bought three tickets for the same lottery game
The person won $150,000 in the lottery

Maryland. A 67-year-old man from Maryland, USA, won $150,000 in the lottery. He bought 3 identical tickets by mistake and won them all on September 22. According to a report, the man was preparing for major surgery and luck favored him three times. In an interview with Sun, he said, “I had accidentally bought three tickets together and the three times luck gave me. It was incredible.” His winning number was based on his wife’s birthday. The number 5-1-3-5-9 won him a jackpot. He revealed he had forgotten he had bought the afternoon and evening tickets for the Pick 5 match and his wife had inadvertently purchased another ticket later that day.

When the elderly couple realized they had bought so many tickets, they thought they wasted the money. But they didn’t know what fate had in store for them. The couple won a total of $150,000 (about ₹1,22,82,030).

A man from Michigan had won the lottery

recently Michigan A person from Michigan has won a prize of $25,000 per year for life in the Michigan Lottery. Scott Snyder, 55, from Zealand, bought a ‘Lucky for Life’ ticket at a gas station and picked up a string of very famous numbers. Snyder informed Michigan Lottery officials that the ticket contained a sequence of numbers that were remarkably familiar to him.

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Snyder’s win tally on August 7 was 07-12-31-37-44, tied by five clean balls. Snyder went to the lottery headquarters to collect his substantial prize. Instead of receiving a $25,000 annuity for 20 years (or for the rest of his life), he elected to take his earnings as a one-time payment of $390,000. He wants to buy a house with his profits.

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