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A drunk woman attacked the flight crew, the ship had to make an emergency landing



There is no shortage of spectators on the flight. Especially such news continues to come from Europe and America. A flight in Portugal had to make an emergency landing after a drunk woman attacked the airline crew. At present, the accused woman has been arrested. The police team dragged this woman out of the plane and took her out, after which the plane restarted.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, this incident concerns a Vis Air flight. The flight was to go from Gatwick in Britain to Madeira in Portugal. But after the woman’s uproar, this flight was diverted to the capital Lisbon. Later, after a delay of about six hours, this flight landed in Maderia. Jornal da Madeira, a Portuguese traveler, said: “We were deported to Lisbon because of a female passenger who started hitting other passengers.

Passenger also assaulted
Portuguese newspaper Corrio da Manha said the problem was caused by two “drunken passengers” who were on board a Viz Air Airbus A321 and both were arrested. It is said that apart from the crew, this woman also assaulted some passengers during the flight. Currently, an investigation has been ordered after this incident.

flirting in flight
In September this year, a Briton was arrested after he allegedly touched a female passenger sitting next to him on a Ryanair flight from Britain to Spain. He complained of sexually assaulting her. Also asked to have sex. The 35-year-old man was later arrested.

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