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A “Hindu Caucus” will be formed in the US Parliament, so that there will be no hatred against Hindus



Washington: Indo-American Congressman Mr. Thanedar has announced his intention to form a “Hindu Caucus” in the US Congress. Under this, like-minded MPs will be united on a single platform to ensure that there is no hatred and bigotry against Hindus in the country. Thanedar, who represents Michigan’s 13th District, made the announcement during the first Hindu-American Summit at the Capitol Visitor Center on Wednesday.

Thanedar said it is important that every individual has the right to choose a religion and worship the God of their choice without any pressure. Also, there should be no discrimination or hatred towards those who do not believe in God. The police station said: “These are basic freedoms. These are basic human rights.

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Republican Congressman Rich McCormick, representing Georgia’s Sixth District, announced a bipartisan congressional delegation to India for the convention in August. McCormick said, “I have a lot of respect for this immigrant population that has done so much for America.”

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McCormick said he has repeatedly said that the community is aware and believes that they do in fact have the power to choose the next president of the United States. He said, “I don’t say that just to say it. You have real power.

Hindu community leaders from across the country attended the summit organized by “Americans4Hindus” and supported by 20 other organizations.

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