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A Hindu temple vandalized in Canada – A temple targeted in Canada, anti-Hindu slogans written on the walls… The Indian community exasperated



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The Hindu temple in Brampton, Canada was targeted.
Anti-Hindu slogans were written on the walls of the Gauri Shankar Temple in Brampton.
There is a lot of resentment in the Indian community after this incident.

New Delhi. There is news from Canada that once again a Hindu temple has been targeted here. This time a popular Hindu temple in Brampton, Canada has been targeted (Hindu Temple Attacked). Anti-Hindu slogans were written on the walls of the temple. Due to which the feelings of the Indian community have been hurt and there is a lot of resentment. Condemning the incident of vandalism at the Gauri Shankar Temple, the Consulate General of India in Toronto said the temple damage incident has hurt the feelings of the Indian community in Canada.

According to news agency PTI, a statement was released on behalf of the Indian Consulate office in Canada on Tuesday. It was said in this statement that the feelings of the Indian community in Canada have been hurt by this heinous act of vandalism of the temple. The consulate office has raised concerns about this with Canadian authorities. The temple, a symbol of Indian heritage, was vandalized with messages of hatred towards India.

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Meanwhile, Canadian officials are currently investigating this incident. The targeting of a Hindu temple in Brampton is not the first incident. At least three similar incidents have been reported in Canada since July last year. Last September, India’s External Affairs Ministry issued a strong statement. It was said in this statement that there has been a rapid increase in Indian hatred and other anti-Indian activity in Canada. Along with this, the Government of India had urged the Government of Canada to properly investigate these incidents.

According to Canadian government data, between 2019 and 2021, Canada saw a 72% increase in hate crimes related to religion, sexual orientation and race. This has increased fear among minority communities, especially the Indian community, which is the fastest growing community in Canada. Indian officials have repeatedly raised the issue of attacks on the Indian community by pro-Khalistan elements in Canada.

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