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A huge lizard has started knocking on the door of the house! Try to open the glass by sticking out your tongue



Many people are very afraid of lizards living in houses. That’s why they keep trying to kick them out of the house. Some people are so brave that they are not afraid of house lizards at all and take them out by catching them with things like pliers etc. But recently such a large lizard came to a person living in America that he was surprised. The lizard video is going viral on social media.

Facebook user Joycelyn Penson recently posted a video to her account in which a giant lizard is seen outside the house viral video. The woman said her son lives in Orlando, Florida. Suddenly, this creature came to meet him at his home. The woman compared this lizard to Godzilla and said she wouldn’t go see the son right now because she was very scared after seeing the lizard.

The monitor lizard came out of the house
In the video, a large monitor lizard is seen standing in the doorway outside the house. She begins to climb on the glass and stands upright, putting both feet on the glass. His tongue sticks out, as we guess he is hungry. Lizards are constantly seen peeping inside the house from place to place. After that, she leaves from there.

People reacted to the video
This video has been shared over 8,000 times. Many people gave their opinion by commenting. One said it was often seen in Florida. One of them said that seeing the lizard, it seems that now that person should move away from there. These lizards have been said to kill and even eat cats and small dogs. A woman started to find this lizard cute, while a man said that this savannah monitor lizard. One said it looks like someone’s pet lizard ran away.

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