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A man disappeared while fishing, the police found the corpse of the stomach of 2 crocodiles



Sidney. Kevin Darmody, who went fishing in North Queensland, Australia, was preyed upon by crocodiles. Police said Wednesday Darmody’s remains were found in the stomachs of two crocodiles.

According to Australian media, police said Kevin, 65, went fishing with a group in northern Queensland on Saturday. There were a lot of crocodiles in the water. They chased a crocodile, so they could start fishing.

Cairns Police Inspector Mark Henderson said the men fishing with the pub manager heard Kevin ‘screaming, screaming and thrashing in the water’.

Crocodiles 14 and 9 feet long were shot
After that, rangers looking for Kevin shot two crocodiles. One of them was about 4.2 meters (14 feet) and the other 2.8 meters (about 9 feet) long. The two met in Lakefield National Park at the same spot where the group was fishing.

Police said during the investigation, the remains of the body were found in the stomachs of the two crocodiles. Henderson described it as a “sad, very sad ending”.

Henderson said the man was a “very nice townsman” from the town of Laura in North Queensland. Meanwhile, Queensland Wildlife Officer Michael Joyce urged people to be careful. He said, “This is crocodile country. If you are in the water, and especially if you are in Lakefield, which has been declared a Specially Protected Area for Crocodiles, you should watch out for crocodiles in that water.

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