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A Muslim got permission to burn the Bible-Torah, but changed his decision at the last moment



Stockholm. The atmosphere is very tense in Stockholm, the Swedish capital, after the fire of a copy of the Koran, the holy book of Muslims. After this incident, a Muslim asked permission to burn the Bible, the holy book of Christianity and the Torah, the holy book of the Jews, and to hold a public meeting. He also got her approval, due to which there was a lot of rowdiness all over the world. Israel strongly condemned this decision. Well, despite getting approval, this person backtracked and no holy books were burned.

Recall that a man named Ahmed Aloush had requested permission to burn the Torah and the Bible in front of the Israeli embassy in Stockholm, but on Saturday he backed down and protested against the desecration of the holy books.

Earlier, Swedish police confirmed on Friday that they allowed a man to burn the Torah and the Bible in protest at the burning of the Holy Quran outside the diplomatic mission. However, according to Aljazeera’s report, Ahmed Alaoush, 32, has given up on his plan to protest against the desecration of holy books.

Burning holy books is not free speech
Alosh took a lighter from his bag and threw it on the floor, saying he never intended to burn a holy book. He also brought with him a copy of the Koran, which he criticized for incidents of the burning of this holy book of Islam in Sweden. He said, “If you want to criticize Islam, that’s fine, but burning the Koran, there’s no freedom of speech. This is just my response to these people who burn the Koran, there is a limit to freedom of expression.

Sweden has recently come under heavy criticism from Muslim countries for allowing protesters to burn Qurans during small anti-Islam demonstrations.

Israel urges Sweden to end protests
Earlier, Israeli officials on Saturday urged the Swedish government to end protests outside the diplomatic mission. Isaac Herzog said that “As President of Israel, I condemned the burning of the Quran, which is extremely sacred to Muslims around the world, and I am saddened that the Jewish Bible, the eternal book of the people Jewish, has now been destroyed”. The same is done with (Torah).’ Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said he urged the Swedish authorities to put an end to this reprehensible incident and not allow the burning of the Torah scroll.

The Koran was burned by an Iraqi Christian expatriate
Asked about the plan to burn the Bible and the Torah in Stockholm, Alosh said: I made people angry. Now he can be happy. It is said that Aloush is a resident of Syria who has lived in Sweden for 8 years. Last month, an Iraqi Christian expat celebrated Eid al-Adha.
A copy of the Quran was burned outside a mosque in Stockholm on the occasion of (Bakrid), which was widely condemned.

There is no blasphemy law in Sweden.
The right to demonstrate publicly is strong in Sweden and is protected by the constitution. Here, blasphemy laws were also abolished in the 1970s. The only basis for giving permission to the police is that they are satisfied that the public assembly can be held without causing major disturbance or risk to public safety.

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