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A plane from Spain mysteriously disappeared from radar, many jet planes from NATO countries flew in search, then…



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A Cessna plane taking off from southern Spain has mysteriously disappeared from radar.
To locate this plane, many jet planes of NATO countries flew in its path.
The plane crashed in the Baltic Sea off Latvia under mysterious circumstances.

London. A Cessna private plane taking off from southern Spain has disappeared from radar in mysterious circumstances. To locate this plane, many jet planes of NATO countries flew in its path. It was later discovered that this Cessna plane had crashed in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Latvia under mysterious circumstances. Officials say 4 people are believed to have been on that plane. This plane was supposed to land in Cologne, Germany, but instead the plane flew to the Baltic. NATO pilots and Swedish officials monitoring the plane have so far been unable to see anyone in the cockpit.

According to a BBC report, the Civil Aviation Authority of Latvia said in a statement that the Cessna plane was flying from Spain to Cologne, but during the flight the plane changed its flight route. Air traffic controllers were unable to communicate with the aircraft crew. This Cessna 551 aircraft was registered in Austria but its owner was in Spain.

While data tracking website FlightRadar24 said the plane took off from the Spanish town of Jerez de la Frontera and was later found missing from radar. German newspaper Bild said the plane reported a cabin pressure problem after takeoff and lost contact after crossing the Iberian Peninsula. After that, country fighter planes from many countries flew in search of him.

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Rescue teams from Latvia, Sweden and Lithuania immediately rushed to the crash site after the plane crashed off the coast of Latvia. This Cessna plane fell into the sea near the Latvian town of Ventspils. Swedish search and rescue official Lars Antonsson later told media that the plane crashed after running out of fuel. He said no human remains had been found. Antonsen said rescuers had no explanation. We can only guess what happened. But it is clear that the people on the plane were clearly incapable of doing anything.

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