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A pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom of the restaurant, the staff helped with the delivery!



Those who like to eat burgers, they would especially like the burgers of the fast food McDonald’s. Although it is a foreign brand, this chain is also dominant in countries like India. Although McDonald’s serves and delivers food like burgers, fries, but have you ever seen this restaurant deliver kids! Recently, such a case was revealed at the American McDonald’s (Woman deliver baby in McDonald’s, USA) when a woman gave birth to a child inside the restaurant here.

A startling incident occurred in Atlanta, United States, on Wednesday when a woman gave birth to a baby girl at a restaurant. According to reports, Alandria Worthy was pregnant and was going to the hospital with her fiancé for the delivery of the child. Halfway through, they felt the need to go to the bathroom, so they stopped near a McDonald’s outlet in Atlanta. Alandria went to the toilet (baby delivery in McDonald’s bathroom) and only then did she realize that her water bag had burst and the child could be born at any time .

gave birth at the restaurant
When she started screaming, the store manager, Tunisia Woodward, heard her voice and she immediately reached the bathroom. Alandria lay on her back, seeing that the manager understood that the woman needed an immediate delivery. A few other workers from the restaurant joined them and they began to prepare for the delivery. When the woman’s fiance, Deandre Phillips, came in looking for her, she was shocked. The woman was to be delivered, and the employees were gathered there. Immediately she called the 911 helpline and under their guidance the baby girl was delivered within 15 minutes.

Little girl named Nugget!
Due to the birth of a baby girl at McDonald’s, the workers named her Little Nugget. Please indicate that nugget is a type of dish available at McDonald’s. And her parents named her Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips. Phillips said his parents also liked the nickname given by the staff so they call him by that name at home. After helping restaurant employees, the company offered them a gift card worth Rs 20,000.

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