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A student’s dirty prank at school! ‘Fart spray’ was applied, poor condition of people due to bad smell, 6 hospitalized



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A student pulled a dirty prank at a school in Texas.
The student applied an anti-fart spray at school.
Six students were admitted to hospital after suffering severe headaches from the smell.

Washington. A shocking incident has come to light in America. Here, in a high school, a student applied the “Fart Spray”. After that, 6 students were admitted to the hospital. The student confessed to the crime after firefighters and hazard response teams spent three days investigating a ‘smell of gas’ at Caney Creek High School in Texas, according to a Facebook post shared by Caney Creek Fire and Rescue.

After some hard work from Caney Creek High School staff and Caney Police, a student confessed to bringing a highly concentrated, mischievous and smelly spray called Hansgoukt Fart Spray. Officials said Caney Creek Fire and Rescue is proud to serve and protect all students and staff at Caney Creek High School.

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The foul smell was detected earlier this week on Wednesday, after which all students were quickly evacuated, the New York Post reported. The fire and rescue service inspected the entire school building with gas detection equipment. However, there were no signs of a leak or fire. Despite the smell, the students were asked to return to class the next day. But that day, six students were hospitalized after apparently suffering severe headaches from the smell and at least eight others felt ill.

According to reports, the school has been forced to cancel classes for the rest of the week. However, firefighters confirmed the safety of the air quality in the building. On Friday, a student finally confessed to using fart spray, a gag toy that “smells like real poo and fake vomit.” The school administration believes that the student did not commit this act alone. Jeff Stickler, the principal of Caney Creek High School, promised parents that this type of act would not happen again at the school.

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