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Afghanistan Blast: Explosion outside Kabul military airport, many dead fear



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Attacks increase in Afghanistan after the return of the Taliban
Members of the Islamic State group claim responsibility for the attacks
Chinese citizens were rescued in last month’s shooting

Kabul. Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, was rocked by a bomb blast on Sunday. There are reports of the death of many people in this explosion. While hundreds of people were injured. The explosion took place at the entrance to the Afghan military airport. Abdul Nafi Takor, spokesman for the country’s interior ministry, said the location where the blast occurred is Kabul International Airport. The reason for this explosion is unclear at this time.

Takor said many people in our country died in this explosion and a large number of people were injured. Investigators are investigating the explosion. Let me tell you that in the month of August 2021, the Taliban unexpectedly took power. Since then, Taliban officials have claimed that the country’s security has been strengthened. But, since the arrival of the new government, there have been numerous explosions and attacks in the country. The responsibility for these attacks and explosions was taken by members of the Islamic State (IS) group.

Chinese citizens were injured last month
Just last month, an assailant opened fire indiscriminately on a famous hotel in Kabul. 5 Chinese citizens were injured in this attack. The hotel in which the attack took place is popular with Chinese businessmen and they hold their meetings there. The responsibility for this attack was also taken by the IS. Hundreds of people, including Afghan minorities, have died in attacks since the Taliban returned to power.

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